I've Updated My Website... Again!

I tend to be the type of person who works very single-mindedly. Its like I have horse blinders on and can only see the goal ahead of me, none of the work behind me.  So when I force myself to look back on this year, I realize how much we’ve accomplished. Between three moves, leaving the corporate world for freelance, and Spencer’s graduation from his Master’s program and acceptance of a new job across the country, we’ve had a ringer of a year.
In between all that craziness, I’ve found time to update my website again. You’ll find that Ginger Snap Design is much more graphic design focused and very excited to take on new clientele! Take a peek, let me know if you see any terrible spelling errors (haha!), and peruse my branding portfolio!

Visit gingersnapdesign.org to see the updates!

Have questions or wanna hear more? Contact me directly at hello@gingersnapdesign.org.

Madison Starke

Design * Illustration * Branding * Animation