3 Tips to Help Your Clients Find You

If you have a website, you’ve likely heard the term SEO floating through the cyber world. SEO or Search Engine Optimization describes the process of making your website easier to find online. It may feel daunting, but there are a few easy tricks to making your website search engine optimized and easier to find. 

Here are three tips to improving your SEO:

Find Keywords

I know, I know, what even are keywords anyway??? Think of keywords as the words or phrases you want to be associated with in a web search. Put yourself into your visitors’ shoes for a moment and imagine what they would search for in order to find you. If you’re a photographer, you don’t necessarily want to come up in a search for bakeries. 

Begin by writing down descriptors of your business. It’s ok to be broad here. Then narrow down to specific services you offer, then location. Mine would look something like this:

Graphic Designer > Logo Design / Branding / Web Design > Midwest Web Design > Web Design for Small Businesses in Indiana > and so on.

Your goal is to show up in your ideal client’s search results. So how do you make that happen? Incorporate your keywords all throughout your brand.

Implement Keywords

Now that you have your keywords decided, address them in every page description, image alt-text, and header of your website. The more keyword hits you have, the better your chances of showing up in those keyword searches. Make sure you use consistent keywords across all your forms of branding, like your website, Instagram Bio, Facebook About page, Pinterest Bio and Board Descriptions, and Blog posts. Include your keywords in the headers of your posts and within your body copy as well.

Put Yourself Out There

Search engines determine where you show up in searches based on your page’s credibility. Credibility is gained when you connect yourself with credible websites and based on the amount of traffic to your website.  So create good content, connect it to great keywords,  and share it on trusted websites like pinterest, facebook, linkedin, etsy, twitter, and beyond. Bonus points if another blog shares your posts and credits your website!

Developing your SEO and strategy can take a lot of time and nurturing, so don’t be discouraged if you aren’t seeing results right away. Keep at it, continue to research keywords, and make more content!

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Madison Starke

Design * Illustration * Branding * Animation