FAQs for Custom Illustration

Do you have an empty frame that needs something unique and personal? Or maybe you’re attending a bridal shower and want to give the bride something a little more special than kitchen tools? A custom illustration can be a great addition to your gallery wall, a newlywed’s new home, or the extra oomf your website needs. I’ve rounded up some frequent questions I’m asked about the process and answers I’ve gathered from my years of experience.


What’s an ideal timeline for my illustration?


Your timelines depend on type and size of your illustration. If all you desire is a spot illustration (an illustration with only 1 subject), this process will be much shorter than if you’re in need of a full illustration with layers, background imagery, and detailed subjects. It’s important when you’re in the process of ordering your illustration to work closely with your artist and communicate your needs, thoughts, and vision for your final painting. If you and your artist are working together effectively, you can expect your spot illustration to take about 2-3 weeks and your full fledged illustration to take between 3 weeks and 2 months.


What’s the difference between a custom illustration and one from a big box store?


If you’ve seen a painting at a big name brand store you like, you may be thinking, “This’ll work, won’t it?” If you love the painting, go buy it! There’s no reason not to purchase something you love. But if it doesn’t quite match your colors, or you’d like something more personal, working with an artist to create a custom illustration will ultimately give you a final product you love. 


Why should I order a custom illustration from Ginger Snap Design?


I want to work with you to create a unique, beautiful, and quality painting that makes you happy just to look at it. It’s about creating artwork that fits with your decor, makes you happy, and carries special meaning to you.


To learn more about custom illustrations or to order one of your own, visit my illustration page.


Have more questions? Need further advice? Email Maddie at hello@gingersnapdesign.orgto start a conversation!

Madison Starke

Design * Illustration * Branding * Animation