The Best Small Business Branding Checklist

Are you just starting out in your business and feeling like you need a little direction? I’ve been there and I know its not easy. Consider this a mini brand coaching session! The first place to start is with your logo. Do you have one? No? Ok, let’s start here with some brand FAQs.


Yes? Great! Let’s move forward. I’ve collected a list of elements that you want to consider branding in order to create a consistent, cohesive brand. 


Logo - Does your logo embody your business’ brand and support your mission?


Website - Not every business needs a website, especially if your clients are spending their time on social media, but if you choose to have a website or your business needs one, you absolutely must make sure it fits your brand.


Social Media - Instagram, Facebook Business Page, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube - any form of social media you’re using for your business must support your brand. Ensure that your photography or videography is consistent and that you make an appearance! Connect with your audience will further support your brand.


Product Photos, Headshots, and Social Media Posts - Make sure to shoot your photos consistently across the board, or hire a photographer who’s style supports your brand!


Emails - Any email you send to your clients should further support your branding.


Packaging and Mailing Supplies - Any product you sell should be presented to your client in a way that furthers your brand. Consider tissue paper or bubble wrap in your brand’s colors or mailing envelopes with your logo stamped on.


Business Cards or Stationary - anything that you’ll be passing on to your clients should have your brand identity all over it!


Creative Space - If you have an office or a place you regularly meet clients (that you have control over the design) it’s important that space also reflects your brand. A little bit of paint goes a long way!


Brand Voice - Any piece of writing that supports your brand should be written in the same voice, whether it’s an email, blog post, or your about page on your website!


Following this checklist and branding consistently across your whole business will help to set you up for success! Ready to start branding, but unsure of where to start? Visit my Portfolio to get some inspiration!


Have questions or want to start a conversation about your brand? Email Maddie at to start chatting!

Madison Starke

Design * Illustration * Branding * Animation