Being My Brand

Being My Brand Instead of Branding Myself

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “brand yourself.” As social media is such a massive part of our lives, we all have an image in mind that we want other people to see, even if we aren’t consciously thinking about it.
Instagram is a huge brand booster for me – but its also the social handle I have the hardest time with. It’s so easy to look at the perfect pictures people post and question why my life can’t be that exciting or business that successful. But those pictures don’t show all the hard work and effort that go into them.
In this new, difficult season of life, I’ve decided to be my brand instead of attempting to brand myself in a new way. 
What this means to me is not just showing my final, finished products, but things in progress, things that have gone wrong, things that aren’t perfect, and things I have worked hard to make perfect.
Follow along with me and keep me accountable!

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Madison Starke

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