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Thoughtfully Crafted Branding for Small Businesses

Signature Brand Package

Whether you’re new to the small business world, or you’ve been hanging out here a while, by now you know that successful businesses definitely have one thing in common, a cohesive brand. You don’t have a whole marketing department at your fingertips, so you’ve been diy-ing for a while… but now it’s time to get serious.

This isn’t a pre-made logo shop. I’m here to guide you through this process and find the brand that is so your business. I’ll create an amazing, custom logo that your clients won’t forget and make sure your whole brand is on point so you can worry less about design and more about the parts of your job you love. 


What you get

Each Signature Brand Package is packed with brainstorming sessions, logo development and my amazing Brand Strategy Template and Ideal Client Guide. I don’t want to just give you a logo. I want to deliver a thoughtful, comprehensive brand and tools to help you move forward in your journey - so I’ll send you off with a detailed branding guide and business cards, too!

Signature Logo Package begins at $900

Excited? Me too. Let’s Get Started!

Signature Website Package

Building a website takes so much time and energy, especially on top of all the work you have to do to keep your business running. And it’s definitely taking you away from the parts of your job you actually like. It’s time to stop wrestling with that code and hand it over to the professionals!

I’d love to deliver a quality, sustainable, and thoughtful website to you so you can worry less about broken website links and get back to the parts of your job you love. 

what you get

Each Signature Website Package is filled to the brim with brainstorm sessions, web page customization, helpful training videos, and my amazing Website Planning Guide. My goal is to deliver a beautiful, functional website your clients will love.

Signature Website Package Begins at $4000

Ready to Jump in??

 Signature Social Package

Imagine if you had the time and energy to work on your passion project instead of stressing about what you should post next on your social feeds. I get it! Social media should be fun and easy. Together we’ll build a sustainable social strategy that will convert followers.

What you get

To start, we’ll meet (in person or over video) to talk about where your social feeds are at, what you’re inspired by, and what your goals are. Then we’ll build your social media strategy and implement tools that start making your social media dreams a reality.

Signature Social Package Begins at $350

Ready to convert followers?