The Most Important Questions to Ask Your Designer

If you’ve ever thought about branding your passion project or business, it can be so easy to feel like you’re in the dark. Maybe you don’t know what you want your brand to look like, or maybe you’re afraid your logo will look just like every other small business’. Here are some great questions to ask your designer to help you get reach the branding you envision and feel confident in the designer you’ve hired!


How will your design style support the logo I’m envisioning for my business?

When choosing a designer, it’s really important to hire someone who’s style accommodates for what you envision. Don’t just hire the designer who’s cheapest for the sake of saving money or that big expensive firm in an attempt to get the best of the best. Regardless of price, if your designer doesn’t seem to understand your needs as a brand, your money won’t be well spent. Choose a designer you get along with and who has a portfolio that you admire and are inspired by.


Are you confident that you’ll design the best brand for me?

If your designer isn’t confident that she can deliver what you want, you shouldn’t be either! Take the time to meet with your designer (over the phone or in person!) to make sure you click and that she understands your needs.


Do you provide services or tools that will add value to my brand?

More and more, designers are offering additional tools to add value to their clients’ brands. For example, Ginger Snap Design offers Perfect Client Worksheets, Website Navigation Blueprints, SEO Assessment, and Branding Guides. My goal is to empower my clients with tools for success, even after I’ve finished their brand.


Hiring a designer is a huge step towards gaining clients and building your dream brand. You should feel excited and confident about the future of your business and your business relationship with your designer.