The Importance of Connecting with Other Creatives

When I was in school, I was surrounded by creative people – in my program, in my dorm, and at my jobs. Now I’m a few years out of college and I know how important it is for creative people to spend time with other creative people.
While living in Muncie, the person that I spent the most time with (besides Spencer) was my dear friend Megan who is an amazing photographer and creative mind. Although our crafts were different, we both value and benefit from bouncing ideas off of each other and spending time together. Something particularly special about my friendship with Megan is that we both left the corporate world to be full time freelancing creatives within the same year.
My friendship with Megan gave me an amazing opportunity to pop over to her house whenever we were both free, or chat at a coffee shop while she edited wedding photos and I sketched up website wireframes. Our friendship has lasted the distance, but I certainly miss being able to spend time with her during our work days.
A huge goal I’ve made after my move to Montana is to connect with whatever creatives I can. Since I’ve decided to be a full time freelancer and work from home, I won’t have opportunities to make work friends, but I know that spending time with other creative people makes me a more creative person.
Making time for coffee dates and phone calls (with people who aren’t even clients!) feels like an odd way to spend work time, but it’s really just my work-from-home version of networking.  In this new lonely season, I’m doing my best to reach out more than I usually do, and try to be more involved than my introverted self tends to.
It’s both challenging and rewarding.