How to Break Up with Your Designer

Let’s set the scene: You’re working with a designer you really like, every interaction you’ve had with her so far has been good, but she just sent you the first look of your logo and you hate it. What went wrong?? 

So, here’s what not to do in this situation – panic. Look, your brand is nuanced. You know that better than anyone and let’s give your designer the benefit of the doubt, she probably just misunderstood your direction along the way.  

Here are the steps you should take to address this problem and get your logo project back on track.


1. Take a breath and respond to her email.

This is not a time to be accusatory, it’s a time to be thoughtful. You’ve paid this designer to create your logo and the last thing you want is to lose money and time on this investment. Ask her how she came to the solution she sent you. Be honest and tell her that this solution doesn’t fit the vision you had for your brand. Here’s the kicker though, you need to be really specific about why it doesn’t check your boxes. Designers aren’t mind readers and if can’t articulate what you don’t like, she won’t be able to fix it.


2. Patiently wait for her to make changes.

I know this is hard to ask, after all, who’s to say she won’t send you another version you hate? Let’s cross that bridge IF we get there. More likely than not, she’ll deliver a new version you like. You have other more important things to do than refresh your inbox. So take a couple deep breaths, step away from the inbox, and work on something else for a while.


3. Make an informed next step.

Ok, worst case scenario, she sends version 2 and it’s even worse that version 1. Now it’s time to ask the hard questions. Is this designer still a good fit for your brand?  Moving forward you have a couple options: 1. You can start from scratch with your current designer or 2. You can amicably break ties and find a new designer.  

If you decide to break ties with your designer, remember the good interactions you had. Thank her for the time she invested into your brand. It’s like breaking up with someone, you want to be able to move forward to better things, while still being kind. You both tried, it just didn’t work and that’s ok.


Breaking up with a professional you hired isn’t easy and it can feel suuuuuper awkward. But remember your business. You don’t want to burn bridges or get a bad reputation by breaking ties the wrong way. Be courteous, be professional, be honest, be kind. There are better things ahead.