Tips for Professional Headshots

Although your brand designer won’t necessarily be shooting your headshots, she will be helping to shape your brand. Developing an About Page or social media presence without good headshots is difficult. Here are my tips to follow in order to make sure your headshots are worth it for yourself and your brand.


Wear An Outfit You’d Wear Around Your Clients.

If you’re a t-shirt and jeans girl and you show up to your headshots in a pant suit, there may be some disconnect between your brand and your photos. The purpose of headshots on your website and social profiles is to make a connection with your clients. So if your clients are high end, wear something uber professional and polished, but if your clients are stay at home moms who are likely in yoga pants most of the day, opt for something more approachable and fun. Allow the person your client meets in person to be the same as the person your client meets digitally.


Make Eye Conact.

As cute and alluring as those “gazing off into the distance” photos appear, they can make it difficult for your client to connect with you. Look into the camera and smile! If your headshots show an authentic femepreneur, it will reflect through your brand and help your clients to trust you.


Have a Little Fun!

Stiff headshots won’t help your clients to connect with you, because you’re worth connecting with! Choose a photographer that makes you laugh, feel comfortable, and helps you have a little fun.


If you’re still in need of a little inspiration, I’ve put together a Pinterest board to help get you inspired!