How to Double Your Instagram Following Authentically

Ugh Instagram. It’s our favorite business tool some days, and our most hated others. It’s difficult not to feel jealous when looking at other profiles with tens of thousands of followers. Do you ever ask yourself  “am I a failure because my profile isn’t that big?” The answer is no.

If you ask most high follower profiles with an authentic following, they all say the same thing: it took me X amount of YEARS to grow my following to this size. It seldom happens overnight.

This time last year I had about 650 followers on my instagram profile, mostly people that I knew and also followed. Since then, my following has grown to about 1400 followers. That’s an additional 750 real people who are interested in my business. Here’s how I doubled my following without paying for followers, using follow for follow hashtags, or spending a ton of $$ promoting posts.


Find Your Niche Audience.

Instagram now has 1 billion followers worldwide and you should never feel like you have to attract all of them. Your business offers a unique product or service that will solve a problem for someone.  By knowing and understanding whom you best serve, you can begin to attract those profiles by spending time where they spend time.


Engage with Profiles.

Once you know whom you are trying to attract, you can begin to engage with those profiles. Find profiles that have some market similarities to you and have a large following that overlaps with your niche. Spend time in their comment section and see if you can find any profiles that fit your ideal client. Interact with those profiles by liking, commenting on, or sharing their posts in your stories.


Find, Follow, and Use Relevant Hashtags.

Hashtags are the keywords of Instagram. They determine who discovers your posts, increase post engagement, and help you to reach new profiles. Algorithm alert! Do not use the same hashtags for every post – that’ll get you shadow banned.  Learn how to optimize your hashtags for engagement here.


Create and Post Targeted Content.

Now that you know your niche and where they hang out, you want to create content that will engage and attract them. This can take a little trial and error, as well as a good amount of effort, but a beautiful, consistent feed with thoughtful, relevant content can convince a profile to follow you before they’ve really even dig into your profile!


Building your Instagram will take time, but with a little knowledge and effort, you can engage with potential followers (and clients!), build a digital brand ambassador, and claim your position as an expert in your field.

If you’re still a little shaky on social media, let’s chat!