How to Write an Incredibly Engaging Instagram Caption

So you’ve taken this amazing photo, edited it to fit your aesthetic perfectly, and now that you’re ready to post it, you can’t think of a caption. Sound familiar? Instagram can be a very difficult platform to keep up with. Between the algorithms (so tired of hearing about these!!), updates, and new ways to interact with the app, it can feel hard to keep up.

Using Instagram as a business tool can be incredibly rewarding, but the amount of work that goes into each post, engagement, and all the extras can be ex-haust-ing. A simple way to take some of the pressure off is to develop a system.  So, what does the anatomy of an amazing Instagram caption actually look like?


Remember when it was super cool to post song lyrics or just an emoji as your caption? This is still fine for your personal Instagram profile, but your business profile deserves a little more attention. The likelihood of stopping a potential follower mid scroll with a sparkle emoji is pretty low. So start your caption with something eye catching. Ask a poignant question, lead with a relatable feeling, or tell a quick joke.

The purpose of this part of your caption is to a) grab your viewers’ attention, b) encourage them to read on, and c) introduce your business to them.  So let your business’ voice shine here.



Now that you’ve roped them in, engage your viewer. Tell them an interesting story or experience that they could relate to. Let them know you care about your work or that you have an amazing solution to the problem they’re experiencing. Let them get to know you and trust your expertise.



Ok, so now that your viewer has stuck around for your whole caption, ask them to engage with you. Your call to action or CTA is what converts a viewer to an avid follower. Ask your reader to comment their opinion or experience, tag a friend who would like your product or service, or follow the link in your profile to receive an offer. Don’t miss an opportunity to convert. those. leads.


You don’t have to write books for captions if you don’t want to, but following a system that attracts, engages, and converts viewers to followers will ultimately increase your authentic following.


a great way to further decrease the pressure of writing great captions is to write them ahead of time. I use to plan, perfect, and post in all my social channels and it’s honestly a sanity saver!