35 Actions you can do to Improve your Small Business in 15 Minutes or Less

I’m going to make the assumption that you (just like me) have little pockets in your day where you’ve found your way down an instagram rabbit hole, only to realize 25 minutes have gone by. Or you’re hanging out, waiting in the doctor’s office or in line to pick your kids up from school and again you find yourself endlessly scrolling just to pass the time. If you are a small business owner STOP DOING THIS!

Here’s why: when we use instagram as a business tool, we have to approach it with a strategy. And by spending hours a day (2.37 hours on average according to my iPhone) scrolling aimlessly, we are losing an opportunity to find potential clients, interact with our community, and convert leads. In other words, the endless, non-strategic scroll is losing us $$$.

I’ve put together a list of 35 things that can be done in 15 minutes or less that will a) be a better use of your time than falling into a social media hole, b) add value to your business, and c) help develop better practices and boundaries.


For Your Business:

1.    Brainstorm Blog Content

2.   Write a Caption for an Instagram Post

3.   Clean Your Workstation

4.   De-smudge Your Screens

5.   Stage a Flatlay for Social Posts

6.   Edit a Photo for Use on Social

7.   Read a Business Article

8.  Comment or Engage with 10 Instagram Posts

9.  Optimize Your Pinterest Board Descriptions

10. Sketch Out an Idea

11. Save Emails You’ve Written Well to Use As Templates

12. Research Hashtags

13. Make a To-Do List

14. Read a Business Book

15. Brainstorm Instagram Story Topics

16. Create an Engaging Instagram Story

17. Update Your Instagram Highlight Covers

18. Research Keywords

19. Organize Your Desktop Files and Folders

20. Empty Your Desktop Recycling Bin

21. Update Your Current Job Dates

22. Proofread Your Website

23. Set Important Date Reminders


For Yourself:

24. Take a Power Nap or Lie Down

25. Give Yourself A Quick Facial

26.  Listen to a Podcast

27. Eat a Quick Snack

28. Make Yourself a Cup of Coffee or Tea

29. Text an Encouraging Message to a Friend

30. Go for a Short Walk

31. Write a Thank You Note

32. Practice a Quick Yoga Session

33. Take Some Deep Breaths

34. Dance to Your Favorite Song

35. Water Your Plants


I have a duty to my business to give it the best shot I can. I do not execute this perfectly every day. BUT, putting in even a tiny bit of extra effort each day proves that I believe I am worth the work. You and your business are worth the work, too.