My 5 Biggest Fears & How I Conquer Them

Owning a small business can be really scary. Honestly, there’s so much unknown and so many what ifs its hard not to be scared, even of success. After all, once you reach that goal who’s to say you’ll know the next step after that? 

I think about these things all the time. What will I do if I fail? What will I do if I succeed? What lies do I believe about myself and my business that are limiting my success?

I’m taking a lesson I’ve learned from managing my anxiety and applying it to these fears.


Fear: My work isn’t worth what I’m charging.

Truth: You have skills that other people do not and you should be compensated for the time, expertise, and resources you’ve invested into this project. You are worth that dollar amount you’ve listed on your website! You need to focus on attracting clients that believe that too.


Fear: I don’t have the skills to grow a successful business.

Truth: You didn’t get this far by accident. You are smart, you’ve figured it out and you’ll continue to figure it out! Remember that skills take time to develop and it’s not the end of the world if you don’t know how to do something right now. It’s also completely ok to delegate and hire someone if you’re really stuck.


Fear: No one needs my skills.

Truth: It doesn’t matter what you do, someone out there is looking for your product or service. Your job is to show up where they are. If you believe in what you’re doing keep at it, your clients will come.


Fear: I’ll never make enough to make all this work worth it.

Truth: I can’t tell you for certain that you’ll make six figures doing what you’re doing. And honestly, there’s an element of that starving artist trope that’s rooted in reality. Sometimes we have to suffer for our work. But there are people out there that need your services or products and they will pay you what you ask!


Fear: My life isn’t interesting and no one cares about what I’m sharing.

Truth: I think we can all think of at least one person who is invested in what we’re posting. If people aren’t engaging with the content you’re making, start implementing strategies (like these!) to increase your engagement.


Fear tells us a lot of lies about ourselves and our businesses. Never allow your fear to get in the way of your success. You are worth the work!!